Our ‘Content Purrfection’ Requirements

When we first started writing content, along with allowing other contributors to write for us, we felt it was important that we set out a quality assurance process that every writer has to abide by before content is published.

We call these our ‘Content Purrfection’ requirements.

Real People

All content on our website has to be attributed to a real person and not to someone writing under a pseudonym. This means that all content writers must be writing under their own names. This also helps us check credentials in situations where required.

There are no exceptions to this requirement.

While we understand there are situations where a person may wish to write under a pseudonym for a magnitude of reasons, we feel that having a person attributed to all content ensures the highest quality content possible.

Transparency & Honesty

Writers from companies/charities – When we accept guest blog posts from persons writing on behalf of companies or pet charities, it must be clear which charity or company that post has been written by.

Affiliate commissions – There may be times where we include links to other companies where we get a commission for any referrals and sales made. Where this is the case, we will always make it clear that the outbound link is an affiliate link.

Paid advertising – Where any content was written and paid for as part of an advertisement, such as a paid blog post regarding a pet-related product launch, it always must be clear that it’s paid content and which company paid for the advertising.


Each piece of content must serve a specific purpose. We don’t allow content that has been written for the sake of it and must provide a clear and beneficial purpose to the reader.

Once the content has been read, the reader has to feel like they’ve come away with added knowledge, information, inspiration or feel fulfilled in that the content served the purpose it set out to fulfil.

The only exception to this rule is entertainment posts where the general goal is to bring some joy and happiness to the person reading.

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