Lazy Beautyboy Of A Bengal

  • October 7, 2020 1:02 am
  • Lincolnshire, England

Bengal boy, born on the independanse day 4. July 2016, are tired of being independent.

With owners travling to much, kitty is looking for a new home where people are home everyday, its possible for him to go in and out as he wish and where its lots of quality food, playtime (very important) and love!

The Bengal is very lazy for its breed, and loves to lay on the sofa all day chilling on a rainy day, and he will hunt out the best spots in the house fairly fast. He is a morning person and have a lot of personality.

Some examples you have to take into consideration with this cat:

– he only eats quality food.

– if one piece of food or simular falls in hes water it needs to be changed or he will not countinue drinking from the bowl.

– he need to litter boxes. He will not to nr1 and nr2 in the same box. He do prefer to use the «toilet» outside aka nature. If you do not do this or let him outside, he will pee in a drain (sink, shower, bath..)

– This breed is very smart and will be emotional with you. If you cry, he cry. If you complain, he complain. If your sad, he wont shut up.

– When you work from home, he will want all you attention.

Some cool stuff about pablo:

– He will sometimes walk on a leash

– He can sit on command (If he sees food ofc)

– He loves to go traveling and see new places. and will join you in the car or on a plain, no problem (never had any pee-problems with this, or stress symptoms)

– He is super patience! (with behaviour and playtime)

– He can jump super high!

– He’s not knowing for breaking stuff (beside from sofas)

Other then this he is the world greatest cat! You can do 360 with him, and he will come running back to your arm for an other round. He will keep your feet warm at night. And if you don’t wake up by your alarm, he’ll make sure you get out of bed.

Are you ready for a new bestie!?


With the cat comes a bag of dry food, food bowls, travel cage for flights and car travel, 2 cat toilets with lids, some toys and cuddly cave (and some other stuff).

Documents on the cat are currently in another country, but when the coronary restrictions have been lifted, both documents and passports can be forwarded to the new owner.

  • Microchipped : Yes
  • Neutered : Yes
  • Vaccinations up to date? : Yes