Does Ship Orders To The United Kingdom?

Stocking more than 2,000 brands and with 19.2 million active customers (in 2020), has dominated the US marketplace when it comes to purchasing pet essentials, medication and toys online. With such a wide stock of products, we wanted to see if it’s possible for people inside the UK to purchase products from Chewy.

Does Chewy Ship To The UK?

Despite the large size of the company, does not currently ship to the United Kingdom as of 2021.

While they do not directly ship to the UK, there is a way around this by using services provided by freight forwarders.

How Do I get Orders Delivered To The UK?

To get Chewy to deliver an order to the UK, you’ll need to use a Package Forwarder. These are companies that allow you to get parcels delivered to their warehouse locations based in the US. Once they receive your order at their US warehouse, the order will then be forwarded to your UK address.

An example package forwarder would be Planet Express (affiliate link).

Note: We are currently in the process of placing an example order from Chewy to be delivered in the UK and will update this blog post with detailed instructions and costs.




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