Charity Buddy Set To Launch PetRehomer

Charity Buddy, a UK based pet charity is set to launch a new service called PetRehomer. This service aims to provide a safer option for pet rehomers and adopters, compared to the currently available options.

We spoke to Colleen Long the founder of Charity Buddy.

Can you tell us about PetRehomer and what ambitions the organization has?

PetRehomer is an organisation dedicated to helping people adopt and rehome their pets in a more controlled, safer and trusted way than before. We are a better alternative to platforms like Gumtree or Pets4Homes because we work alongside the pet parent who needs to sadly rehome their pet and the potential new parent who wants to adopt a pet in a more trustworthy way. Our ambitions are to help end pet homelessness one match at a time.

A big issue that commercial pet trading websites like Pets4Homes and Gumtree face is that of unscrupulous breeders. How do you intend to tackle this?

With regard to unscrupulous breeders, we would love to have an answer to this problem that ensured they were banned from practice forever, but we don’t. What we can do is promise that we will do our best to ensure that the pets up for adoption on our platform come from environments where they have been looked after well – that they have lived in a home already and where they can’t be looked after in that same way anymore.

We know how to spot unscrupulous people and we won’t allow them on our platform. We have also removed any financial incentive for the “rehomer” so it is very unlikely that unscrupulous people would want to use our platform for their dealings. A big brand value of ours is trust – you can trust that we have done our homework before a pet is listed.

What are the benefits of adopting a pet rather than purchasing a pet?

There are numerous benefits to adopting versus shopping – namely, there are already too many animals for us as a society to care for properly, that buying only adds to the problem by stimulating demand.

It’s a misnomer that pets up for adoption are damaged in some way and that by buying a puppy/kitten/baby rabbit you can ‘start fresh’ – in fact, because there are so many bad breeders, these poor animals often are born with a myriad of health problems. Not to mention adopting is cheaper than buying, and by using a platform like PetRehomer, where you know the history of your pet, you can make a much more informed decision about which pet is right for your family.

Usually, these pets are already trained and adapted to living in a loving home, which is a huge plus especially if you’ve ever had to train a puppy or raise a kitten! It’s also important to note that every pet we rehome will not need to go to a shelter, which will allow shelters to help other more desperate cases.

Is there anything about the online pet trading industry that you’d like to see changed? Stricter laws, tighter regulations etc.

Of course, and there are various petitions currently doing the rounds demanding stricter online trading regulations which we support. As a charity, we will never be involved in pet sales, only adoption/rehoming.

How is PetRehomer funded and will listings on the website be free for pet owners/shelters etc?

PetRehomer is the platform of Charity Buddy who is a registered animal welfare charity, no 1189284, and we are funded by grants, donations and we will also charge a small fee to the adopter to help us provide the service.

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