Cat Registration Bodies In The UK

There are 3 main cat registration bodies in the UK. Each has its own requirements and rules that members must follow and each has its own criteria for joining/registering. They also hold shows which allow members to show off their cats and to compete in competitions.

Alongside that, they offer members advice and information on the breeds that they allow to be registered, providing owners with a go-to resource on how to look after, care and breed their cats.

GCCFGoverning Council of the Cat Fancy

The most popular and largest cat registration body in the UK is the GCCF. Formed in 1910, it’s got a long-standing reputation and registers/transfers more than 25,000 cats every year. As it’s a UK only registry, unlike the others listed, it’s regarded as the go-to registration body.

It has around 150 different member clubs that hold shows across the year.

GCCF holds the Supreme Cat Show, which is the UK’s largest cat show. Whereas Crufts is known as the show for dogs, the Supreme Cat Show is known as the show for cats.

Official website:

TICA – The International Cat Association

TICA, as the name implies doesn’t focus purely on the UK but operates across the world. It was founded in the USA, 1979. Its goal was to be more progressive than other cat associations that existed.

As they focus their efforts across the globe, rather than focusing on one country, they have the largest registry of registered pedigree cats. They hold shows in different countries around the world, including the UK.

The International Cat Association is the second largest cat registry in the UK.

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FIFe – Federation Internationale Feline

FIFe is another international cat registry but like TICA, they do offer UK registrations and while not as big as TICA or GCCF in the UK, they are considered one of the top 3 registration bodies.

FIFe was founded in France in 1949 so is the second oldest cat registry that allows UK registrations.

For the UK, Felis Britannica is the FIFe member that organises all the UK based shows.

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