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How to socialise your kitten

How to ensure your kitten becomes a friendly, sociable kitten, by socialising your new kitten from the very first moment you bring him home. We

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Help your cat cope with fireworks

While desensitising your cat to fireworks, there are many things owners can do to make fireworks less stressful for their cats. Due to Covid-19, local

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Is this the end of the ‘no pet’ policy?

It can be difficult to keep cats if you live in rented accommodation  — but hopefully that is about to change. Jill Eckersley investigates. If


Two elderly brothers finally find their forever home

Two senior cats from the RSPCA Northamptonshire branch have been rehomed after an appeal reached a student vet nurse in Norfolk who offered them the

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Lockdown Has Changed Cat’s Behaviours

Lockdown has undoubtedly created anxiety and uncertainty for the nation, with restrictions on travel, working from home and now curfews. However, the changes in lifestyle

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Why your cat doesn’t fancy their new healthy cat food

Cats have a reputation of being fussy and, while this is a teeny bit true, it’s often more nuanced than that. Cats are connoisseurs of